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Tour Operator: Reykjavík City Card 24 hours Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Capital Region

Reykjavik City Card 24 hours

The City Card offers free entry to:

Reykjavík City Thermal Pools

Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park

Reykjavik City Buses

Reykjavík City Museum – Árbær Open Air museum

Reykjavík City Museum – Maritime Museum (City card is not valid for entry to Óðinn Coast Guard Vessel).

Reykjavík City Museum – Museum of Photography

Reykjavík City Museum – The Settlement Exhibition

Reykjavik City Museum - Videy Island

The Reykjavík Art Museum – Ásmundarsafn

The Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús

The Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir

The Culture House

National Gallery of Iceland

National Museum of Iceland

Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum

Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection

National History Museum of Kópavogur

Kópavogur Art Museum - Gerðarsafn

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