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Tour Operator: East Highlanders 5 hours Travel method:   Mini Bus / Car Region / Starts from: East

Studlagil Canyon and Vök Baths Private Expedition - winter

Unveil Winter's Majesty: Studlagil Canyon and Vök Baths Expedition

Step into a realm where winter's beauty intertwines with soothing geothermal embrace on the Unveil Winter's Majesty tour. Over 5 wondrous hours, we invite you to explore East Iceland's natural wonders like never before.

Begin with a visit to the majestic Rjúkandi Waterfall, then our path leads to Studlagil canyon, we will go to the northern side where a staircase descends to reveal a breathtaking panorama view. Here, nature's grandeur takes on a new allure, its pristine beauty casting a spell that's hard to escape.

We will return from this outdoor marvel and discover Vök Baths, a haven designed for winter's embrace. Submerge yourself in the warm embrace of natural geothermal waters, a sanctuary of tranquility. Imagine sipping your favorite drink as steam dances around you, tales of the land whispered in the air.

Winter here is an art, and locals have perfected the dance of relaxation – a secret they share through the tradition of wearing knitted hats while soaking if the temperature is not working with us. Relax and let the warm waters work their magic.

We highly recommend to wear snug attire, ensuring comfort throughout your adventure. Sturdy footwear is a must for your explorations, we will provide spikes to assure secure footing should icy paths arise.

Operating from October to December and then from March to May, our tour celebrates winter's unique touch. Guided by a seasoned local expert, travel in a super jeep that will make your passage safe and smooth. In the face of unfavorable weather, our commitment to your safety is unwavering – we cancel tours and refund 100%.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Studlagil Canyon and the serenity of Vök Baths' geothermal embrace. Discover a world where winter isn't just a season, but a symphony of enchantment. Secure your spot on the Unveil Winter's Majesty tour, where nature's beauty meets Icelandic warmth.

Reserve now and step into winter's captivating embrace.

Best price guarantee
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Cancellation fees:
+2 days - No charge
<2 days - 100% of total reservation value
What is included
  • bottled water 
  • spikes to walk on icy pathways
Important information

First and foremost keep in mind that the weather in Iceland can change without warning.

please keep the following points in mind.

✓ Clothes suitable for weather conditions

✓ Good shoes please do not wear any footwear with open toes

✓ Your Good mood

✓ Your phone and and tag us on social media #easthighlanders #creatememories